Société Scientifique dédiée à la Chiropraxie,
aux thérapies manuelles et aux traitements conservateurs de la colonne vertébrale et des articulations periphériques.

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Lettre de Charlotte Leboeuf-Yde, DC, MPH, PhD

Lettre de Charlotte Leboeuf-Yde, DC, MPH, PhD30/06/15

Dear Members of SOFEC, 

Thank you very much to invite me to help with the SOFEC activities. I have been watching from the side, rather passively, with a lot of admiration for the amount of initiative and effort put into this association. 

It is important for a professional group to have, not only a political organization to deal with the “framework” of the profession, but also an academic organization to deal with the “contents”. SOFEC fulfills this role admirably. 

My link with France and the chiropractic profession is that I lived here a long time ago, practised as a chiropractor in Tours and in Saumur, after which I moved off to other parts of the world, but having come back to be a senior research consultant at Ifec, I am pleased to see that there have been so many positive changes occurring in France, particularly over the past decade or so. 

As for my link with SOFEC, I intend my particular contribution to be a service to clinicians, who do not have much time or energy left by the end of the day, at any rate it is well known that clinicians in general find it difficult to read research articles. It is also well known that unless a clinician has a special education in research methodology, it is also often difficult to understand what is actually said in these articles. Quite frankly, in research areas outside my own, I can find it difficult myself, and it is my job to be a researcher! 

It is therefore no reason to feel ashamed about not having kept informed on all the new information. My idea is a logical one, namely to provide short summaries of research information that is of interest to a chiropractor. This could be, for example, information on causes of musculoskeletal problems, tips on prevention, information on outcome and prognosis and on various types of treatments to the musculoskeletal area. I think that chiropractors also would be interested in learning about the mechanisms with which the treatment seems to work and – at the other extreme – the global picture of musculoskeletal problems, or in other words: its epidemiology. If you come across some interesting stuff, please let me know. 

I am looking forward to working with you and hope I can be of use to the French chiropractic profession and that you will find these bits of information helpful in your daily practice. 

Regards to you all, 

Charlotte Leboeuf-Yde, DC, MPH, PhD 


Senior Research Consultant, Ifec
Visiting Professor Université Paris Sud
Adjunct Professor in the Distinguished Collaborator Scheme, School of Health, Murdoch University, Australia Professor in Clinical Biomechanics, University of Southern Denmark